Monday, February 18, 2019

Weekend Competition Update: Feb 16-17

Week End Highlights. First off, our high school senior sports performance athlete and soon to be Washington Husky Marlena Preigh defended her 2018 Simplot Games 800 meter title by setting a new personal best time of 2:06.08, breaking the 14 year old meet record for that event by two tenths of a second. Over the course of this indoor season Marlena has whittled (chopped might be a better metaphor) about 10 seconds off her best indoor time from last year. Congratulations to Marlena and to her brilliant running coaches Ric and Nell Rojas of RISE athletics.

Marlena lead start to finish, set a new personal best, a new meet record and beat the field by 9 seconds.

Madeline Younkin took second place overall in the Lord of the Lifts Super Total Meet. We don't do a lot of real dead lifting for Olympic Weightlifting training, but Madeline pulled 160kg in the Powerlifting portion of the meet which was 10kg better than the closest competitor. Video below.

I really appreciate Madeline, Mandy, Bre and Emily for taking on the challenge of this (somewhat) novelty competition and having fun in the process. Special thanks to Aaron G. for making the trip down Saturday and managing warm ups while I ran around like an arthritic, senile chicken with its head cut off (typical for me.) Couldn't have pulled it off without his help and cool head.

Bre leads off for the team in the Weightlifting competition on day 1.

Mandi, on the comeback and in a new weight class, went 2 for 3 in the snatches

Emily snatching.

Madeline with some nifty footwork to save this lift. (She didn't bail but the loader did!)

Emily gets after it during the squat competition on day 2.

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