Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Covid-19: Gyms are Closed, Meets and Races Postponed, The Workouts Go On

To say it has been a rough few weeks for the human race is an understatement. And more to come, so we all need to be patient, stay home as much as possible.

For the athletes I coach, both the recreational and the more seriously competitive, the gym closure has been a really big deal. As for myself, the stay at home order has forced me to search around for a more effective way to communicate and program remotely, so I have been giving TrueCoach a trial run. It's pretty good. If you want me to set up a program for you, email me.  I'll add you to the roster no charge. 

Many of my athletes don't have anything in the way of home exercise gear and for them I have assigned a body-weight exercise program. 

A few have barbells and kettlebells at home but still have to improvise. 

When the circumstances are not ideal, the key is to keep an open mind, a positive attitude and have fun being creative. In times like these, any movement is better than no movement! And remember, the most productive movements are the compound ones. Get in some kind of push, pull and torso stability a few times a week and you will be fine.

Rower and triathlete Katja working on her band resisted ring rows.

Sprinter and Sports Photographer Dave Albo gets "event specific" with  it.

This is how weightlifter Bre is getting her squats, presses, and jerks done.

Master runner Bobby uses water jugs with handles. Box Squats (above) and farmer's carries are part of his program.

Weightlifter, equestrian and martial artist Kait hits the squats Zercher style.

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