Monday, August 24, 2020

More Power Athletics

 Time to re-rebrand again. 

With the demise of Barbell Strategy, at least in its brick and mortar incarnation, and the Covid-19 lockdowns here in Colorado, I have been thinking a lot about what a come-back (and conversely, a go-away-please) might look like. Sometimes revisiting why we got into what we have chosen as a vocation is a good way to generate new ideas given where we are now. 

With that in mind, above is a screen cap of the cover of a little manual I wrote back in the early 2000s. I called it More Power! because that is the phrase with which one of my favorite weightlifting coaches, Victor Gallego, used to admonish his athletes. I loved it. "Victor, it feels heavy!" "More Power!" (My friend Missy, on the cover of More Power and my friend Haiden on the blog home page, both receiving the bar in the overhead squat position is unintended synchronicity.)

This book was written to supplement a four hour morning course which I designed and produced and was very popular for a couple of years in the Delaware Valley and Jersey Shore with new CrossFit affiliates. I taught hundreds of athletes how to get started with the Olympic Weightlifting movements using this manual. Then CrossFit HQ figured out they could make money with their own weightlifting certification. So, that was that for my little course. C'est la vie. 

Revisiting this time in my career and this little book has inspired me to rewrite it as a series of blog posts. I've grown a lot as coach since I wrote this. It can be much better. And waaaay less wordy. So I bought the domain name which should redirect to this blog, "In and Out of the Chalk Bucket," and now is the time to dig in and start writing. The blog posts/chapters, like the original More Power! will be more about how to apply variations of the weightlifting movements to sports performance training rather than an in depth treatment of the sport of Olympic Weightlifting itself.

I am currently getting set up to train anyone interested at Gym no5 in Boulder. I am also doing remote programming via True Coach. My new email for questions, comments, rants and etc. is

Hope everyone reading this is staying healthy and out of Covid's way!